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The International Peace Dojo designation is conferred jointly by Aiki Extensions (AE) and Urban Visions, Inc. Two News Releases from Urban Visions, Inc. (urbanvisionsinc.org) explain the genesis of the idea. (In these releases, the abbreviation "Ss." means "Sensei" - the honorific title for a teacher in the martial arts - literally, "one who has gone before," or "one who leads the way.")


From the NEWS link at urbanvisionsinc.org (3-17-2008):

An international group of Aiki Extensions, Inc. agreed [on] a definition of a Peace Dojo. Paul Linden, Ss (Aikido Federation of America), Danny Hakkim, Ss (Shotokan Karate, Founder of Budo for Peace Association), David Weinstock, Ss. (Seattle Aikikai, Strozzi Inst. and Community Artworks) and Bill Leicht, Ss (Bronx Peace Dojo of Urban Visions, Inc.) agreed [on] the wording:

"A Peace Dojo is a martial art school in which martial practice is explicitly oriented towards teaching skills of non-violence, conflict resolution and peacemaking.

"A Peace Dojo incorporates non-martial art practices which teach physical and verbal skills; and/or outreach peacemaking projects in the greater community; and/or academic studies of conflict and conflict resolution.

"A Peace Dojo engages in rigorous and deliberate training practices to develop the capacity for skillful, healing action and the courage of heart needed to face the fear and violence in oneself and in the world."

and from the NEWS link at urbanvisionsinc.org (6-7-2008):

Dr. Don Levine Ss (President, Aiki Extensions) met with Mr. Samer Mouallem (Play for Peace and Budo for Peace) and Bill Leicht in Chicago to pursue an international collaborative of peace dojos.

This stage of Peace Dojos Intl. will identify a group of respected martial artists of various traditions from around the world who will design a collaboration which can

  1. Enhance their approaches through networking and research,
  2. Provide resources and training to establish new Peace Dojos, especially in regions of conflict,
  3. Demonstrate and present their methods to national and international leadership,
  4. Raise funds to support research. conferences, training and new Peace Dojos.

On January 26, 2009, the AE Executive Board selected Bill Leicht as Interim President of Aiki Extensions. At the same meeting, the AE Board accepted the definition of an International Peace Dojo, and designated Still Point Aikido as the first officially-designated International Peace Dojo in the state of Texas.

Peace Dojo Certificate #0001

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